The Regulator

  • $219.99

The first of its kind, adjustable port, muzzle brake!  Take a look at the most versatile and adaptive brake on the market!
The Regulator allows shooters to effectively manage muzzle blast and recoil, without any tools or downtime.
  • Allows shooter to manage muzzle blast and recoil reduction to suit their needs
  • 60+ engaged settings from full shutoff (0%) to fully open (100%)
  • No tools for adjustment; simply adjust by clicking the locknut
  • Triple chamber, high efficiency muzzle brake
  • When open, vertical ports reduce muzzle climb
  • Extremely fast follow-up shots
  • When closed, gas is forced forward, away from the shooter
  • 4140 steel, durable nitride coating
  • .223/5.56 cal - 1/2x28 TPI
  • 3.6" LOA
  • 1.08" OD
  • 6.8 oz.