Ragnarok Tactical was founded in 2016 to address a lack of high quality professional firearms training opportunities for competitive shooters in Southern Ontario. Based in Stratford, Ontario, Ragnarok Tactical’s mission is to provide high quality affordably priced training to Canada’s legal firearms owners. Ragnarok Tactical specializes in group training classes for civilian competitive shooters. We want to work with all levels of shooters to identify and fix performance deficiencies. Our classes focus on mastering the fundamentals of marksmanship and effectively applying those skills under the pressure of competition. We don’t believe in using trick shots, extreme round counts, gimmicks, or claims of combat experience we don’t have. Ragnarok Tactical aims to deliver the best value training to our students to help them achieve their goals. We’re here to provide our students with real, measurable, no BS results.


  1. I don’t own a _____, can I still attend?
    YES! We almost certainly have loaner gear available that will work for you. Need a few extra mags? A chest rig? Not sure what sling to buy yet? Get in touch with us when you sign up and we’ll make it happen.
  2. Can I shot 22lr at a course?
    YES! While we don’t encourage it and you are not getting the value of training with centerfire cartridges, if 22 is what you have or what you want to use we won’t stop you.
  3. I need advice on ____, can you help me?
    YES! We are happy to work with prospective students and alumni to answer any questions you may have when it comes to, firearms, accessories, and gear. Best advice; run what you have. Then we can figure out what works and what doesn’t.
  4. Do you travel/can you come to my range?
    YES! Contact us to work out travel arrangements. Costs will vary depending on the location, range access, and number of students.
  5. Do you teach skydiving/kungfu/SCUBA/axe throwing?
    The courses listed are what we are proficient at teaching. Too many people in the tactical shooting industry don’t “stay in their lane” and have an opinion they have to share on every topic. We have our opinions too, but we don’t share them unless we are experts on the topic.
  6. Will you teach Military and Law Enforcement personnel?
    YES! Current Canadian Forces members, veterans, and active duty or retired Law Enforcement Officers are very welcome and will receive a discounted rate. When signing up for a course please indicate your employment status and unit affiliation.
  7. Do you offer agency courses and sales?
    YES! We have a Department of National Defense vendor number and are pleased to offer competitive pricing to teach competition shooting techniques to DND/CAF and Law Enforcement agencies. We are happy to work with your purchasing department to offer high quality tactical accessories.


Andrecropped-cqb-head-shotw Vincent – Chief Instructor
Andrew has over 10 years of shooting experience and is a veteran of the Canadian Forces. Andrew’s shooting experience spans years shooting competitive disciplines including; IPSC, IDPA, 3Gun, Service Rifle, Service CQB, Precision Rifle, Trap, and Skeet. Andrew also sits on the Board of Directors of a gun club, and has been a Match Administrator as well as a Discipline Director with the Ontario Rifle Association. With experience at provincial and national level competitions and a never ending quest to improve his scores and knowledge, Andrew has attended numerous shooting schools including TDSA Canada, Phase Line Green Tactical, Max Michel Training Academy, MilCun Training Center, and Fire Art Solutions Training. Andrew holds Range Safety Officer and Handgun Instructor certifications from the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. Andrew is also an avid handloader, and armorer who loves assembling, modifying, and repairing AR15 style rifles.


unnamedBenyomin “Benny” Lewis – Instructor
As former IDF, Benny has been working with firearms for over 6 years. Trained as a urban combat specialist, he was also selected to be trained as a squad designated marksman for his unit. Benny keeps his education current with multiple courses, including Fire Arts Solutions Training (FAST) and Mapleseed. A co-host in a weekly podcast, Benny loves teaching the uninitiated and is always looking to meet other firearm enthusiasts.







gavinGavin Bequiri – Instructor
Gavin is the only instructor with no military experience, but don’t let that fool you, he has been shooting for 20 years. An avid camper, prepper, survivalist, and outdoorsman, Gavin brings a diverse skillset to the Ragnarok cadre. He has his emergency responder level, and wilderness first aid certification, his level 3 use of force certification, as well as 7 NRA certificates, including Personal Protection Inside the home, Basics and Advanced Protection Outside the Home, and is a certified AR 15 armorer. He has also completed the Active Killer Defense program designed by Ryan Hoover and Daniel Shaw, through Fire Art Solution Training. Gavin has also completed training in covert entry and safe dial manipulation with The CORE Group, and Advanced Private Military Contractor & Kidnap Awareness training with Trojan Securities International.



Course Policies


To ensure prospective students plan to attend we request a refundable 50% deposit at the time of booking. Final payment is due 2 weeks prior to the course, to ensure the correct amount of food and supplies are ordered.



The 50% course fee deposit is refundable up to two weeks prior to the course. We understand life happens.

Full Payment

Any cancellations within the two weeks before the course takes place are not refundable. In extraordinary circumstances, at our discretion,  we will work with you to fill your spot, make arrangements for you to attend a future course, or may provide a refund.


Ammunition should be copper jacketed lead core. Steel core ammunition can not be used on steel targets. Steel core ammo can still be used in a course but shooters will be required to use paper targets in place of steel.


Any duty type holster is allowed. Hard plastic/kydex holsters are encouraged. Soft nylon or leather holsters are discouraged and if they pose a safety risk will not be allowed. One size fits all holsters are not permitted, the holster needs to be for the pistol you are using. Serpa holsters are permitted.