16.5 Inch Hard Case

  • $129.99

Black Bear Gear - 16.5 INCH HARD CASE (with foam)

Black Bear Gear 16.5" case. The 16.5" will hold two stock pistols and a couple of mags. This case is also great for the the photographer who just wants to take that body and lens, throw it in the car and go. Many customers have bought the case for marine use. In the PWC, on or below deck these cases will keep all your items safe and dry. The key features are:

  • Pre-scoured foam for ease of shaping.
  • Pressure relief valve for travel.
  • Reinforced lock holes.
  • Rubberized handle.
  • Silicon gasket.
  • 3 layers of foam.
  • IP 6.7.
  • Dust proof.
  • Interior dimensions; 14x6.25x12
  • Exterior dimensions; 17x9.5x13.5