Nexus Level IV Multicurve plates

  • $799.99

The Nexus Level 4 (IV) Stand Alone is a 10" x 12" (250mm x 300mm) Ceramic Plate made from Alumina Oxide Monolithic Bonded Tile construction combined with Aramid.

Incorporates Double Curvature for greater usability and comfort. This is a STAND ALONE plate and does not require the use of soft armour.

Can be used in Warriors RICAS Compact, Raptor, DCS and RPC or any other manufactures carriers that accommodate large plates.


Alumina Oxide monolithic bonded tile with aramid

Protection Rating : Level 4 ( IV )

Size: (10" x 12") 250mm x 300mm Thickness: 18mm

Shape: Double Curve

Weight: 3.25 kg (7.15lbs)

Covered in Black Nylon outer finish.