IBI AR-15 Barrel

IBI AR-15 Barrel

  • $399.99

International Barrels Inc Barrels are made in Canada under the guidance of 5 time Queen's Medalist Ryan Steacy.

The barrels are lapped twice during the manufacturing process and are stress relieved so that they maintain accuracy even in the lighter profiles. These barrels are made from the best 416R(Rifle grade) stainless steel.
The barrel extension is included and installed, and they are headspaced for MILSPEC bolts only. 

We stock several styles of AR-15 Barrel from International Barrels Inc, all barrels are chambered in 223 Wylde, and utilize 5R 1/8 twist rifling, muzzles are threaded 1/2x28 to accept most styles of muzzle device.

The following table describes the unique elements of each style of barrel we stock. Please be sure to order the barrel that uses the Gas System, and Gas Block Size, you are expecting.

 Name Length Weight Gas System Gas Block Size
Blaze 14.5" 1.4 lbs Carbine 0.75"
Containment 16" 2 lbs Mid 0.75"
Pinpoint 19" 2.4 lbs Rifle 0.936"


19" Myers/Steacy Profile

This AR15 profile was originally crafted from a 24 inch blank with a 1 inch shank by gunsmith Craig Myers. After some testing by Ryan Steacy(at a national championship that didn't go very well) it was decided to thin the original shape down under the handguards and to cut it to 19 inches in length. The result is what we have today and more than a pound lighter without giving up any accuracy. This profile has been used to win numerous B.C. provincial championships and has been used on Ryan's rifle to win his 4 Canadian national championships. It's heavy enough to be VERY accurate, yet light enough to be maneuverable for quick shooting and long enough to keep velocities high enough for 500m. With the right driver and ammo, this profile can take it to 600m and maintain accuracy. This profile requires a .936" gas block and a rifle length gas system. This barrel comes in at 2.4 lbs.Click on the pic below to get a better view.

14.5" Blaze Lightweight

With the popularity of Close Quarters Shooting competitions growing rapidly over the last 5 years, we decided to create a lightweight barrel perfect for this type of close in shooting. The 14" barrel features a light profile with a popular .75" gas block and a carbine length gas system. Total weight for this profile is 1.4 lbs.