Level IV Hard Armor Plates

  • $999.99

Ragnarok Tactical is proud to offer what we believe to be the highest quality stand alone level IV plates in Canada. Made in Croatia by Croshield these individually serialized hard armour plates are NIJ compliant to provide level IV protection and warrantied for 7 years from the date of manufacture. This batch was produced August 2018. Each plate weighs 2.4 kg. The plates are sold only as a set of two. 

NIJ level IV Hard Armor Insert is designed to provide protection against Armor Piercing (AP) bullets.

Ragnarok Tactical's cadre of instructors have seen and tried many plates, often disappointed by the quality of manufacture, questionable lineage, price, or weight. These plates are remarkably light, durable, and priced competitively. The manufacturer suggested a retail price of $450 US per plate. We're able to offer them for $999.99 Canadian per set of two, and still offer $10 flat rate shipping. 

We tested a sample plate, pictured, by starting to shoot it with steel core 7.62x54R as that was as close as we could get to 7.62x63 M2 AP. As you can see the plate survived. After 3 hits the sample plate was shot with 458 Winchester Magnum which failed to penetrate the plate. We recognize that this was not a controlled laboratory test. This test allows us to say confidently that the plates will do what they are rated for.

 As body armor is regulated by province, please ensure you are following your provincial laws regarding purchasing and ownership. We ask that you email a scan of your PAL or agency ID to sales@ragnaroktactical.ca when you order. This allows us to ensure you are not a criminal, your PAL# will be noted on your order, the email will not be retained.


Threat level: Level IV Stand Alone
Composition: Polyethylene
Size: 250 x 300mm
Weight: 2.4 kg or 5.3 lbs per plate
Shape: Single Curve
NIJ Compliant: NIJ 0101.04
Ammo: 7.62x39 AP – 710 m/s
7.62x51 AP – 850 m/s
7.62x54R B32 – 850 m/s
7.62x63 M2 AP – 878 m/s

Manufacturer Certifications:


Laboratory Results:

Standalone Test
In Conjunction With Test